Who We Are and What We Offer

What We Offer

In this tough economy you need an edge. From getting your resume pushed to the top of the list to walking out of the interview with an offer in hand, you need to know every winning tactic possible. Our programs offer a variety of resources to give you an advantage in your career.

• Master Certificates in Management, Marketing, International Business, and Accounting and Finance
• Foundation Certificates in Customer Service, Management, Marketing, and Project Management
• Interview and Resume Webinars to increase your chances of being hired
• One on One Interview Coaching Available

Who We Are

There are many companies that offer certificates and training but you must ensure you select a company with a proven record of success. We have the background and experience to deliver proven results

• Staffed by leaders in their fields with PhD's
• Over 20 years of corporate experience in leadership roles
• Experienced leaders in academic positions with course development backgrounds
• Experience reviewing 1,000's of resumes and conducting interviews for over 10 years